The Trinci Philosophy

Trinci pays the utmost attention to the quality of raw materials and toasting processes; and also to all those aspects that revolve around the world of coffee and cocoa. At the basis of the Trinci philosophy are values such as the protection of biodiversity and the support of farmers in developing countries.

torrefazione artigiana trinci innovazione

Craftsmanship and Innovation

Experience in the art of artisan coffee roasting is the first indispensable value in Trinci’s production philosophy. Andrea acquired his passion for the world of coffee from his father, who inaugurated his first shop in Florence in 1939.

His experience begins here. The family tradition was then reinterpreted always with an attentive eye to innovation

The continuous research for quality, starting from raw materials to coffee in the cup, over time has prompted Trinci to make craftsmanship coincide with the introduction of new technologies.

This made it possible to respond promptly to new market needs.

caffe fair trade trinci torrefazione

The Fair-trade Brand

It is with the Fair-Trade Brand that Trinci certifies its commitment to defend the rights, especially in developing countries, of those who grow and harvest coffee.

Fair-trade products in fact not only guarantee a better life for farmers, but also allows them to invest in improving production and quality .

presidio slow food trinci

Slow-food Coffee

Since 2004 Andrea Trinci has collaborated with the Slow-food foundation for non-profit biodiversity . In particular, he works the coffee of the Highlands of Huehuetenango in Guatemala and the cocoa of Chontalpa in Mexico. Part of the proceeds obtained from the sale of Trinci Slow-food products is donated to the foundation.

In 2005, moreover, he was the protagonist of a particularly ambitious project: the creation of an artisan roasting inside the “Lorusso e Cotugno” district house. The management of this particular roasting is entrusted to the Pausa Café social cooperative and to a group of prisoners, to whom Andrea teaches the art of roasting.