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Trinci single origin coffee

Trinci single origin coffees are carefully selected from the best plantations in the world, and then roasted according to Trinci’s art and philosophy.

Try the unique aroma of our single origin coffees.


Guatemala _ Drupes are handpicked, crops grows between 1500 and 2000 meters. Variety are: Typica, Bourbon and Caturra. Cultivation 'bajo sombra', the plants grow in the shade. Coffee S.H.B. Strictly Hard Bean among the best in the world. Seductive and intriguing with hints of flowers and honey accompanied by a pleasant note of caramel.


Ethiopia _ Wild coffee, Arabica variety Typica, which grows around 1800 meters in the forest inside the Bale National Park in Ethiopia. Natural coffee that does not undergo any stripping or washing, it is dried in the sun on suspended bed bases. Cup with high aromatic intensity, hints of flowers and citrus. Good acidity, vanilla aftertaste.


Honduras _ Coffee from farms at high altitude and with complex microclimates, carefully selected and harvested by hand. The result is found in a well-balanced cup with brilliant acidity, hints of citrus fruit, full-bodied robustness, consistent and pleasant aftertaste.


Jamaica _ Legendary and magical atmosphere around the famous Blue Mountain, it make you dream! This coffee is a “must have” for coffee gourmets and it is a “locomotive” for those attracted by the rare, exotic and "snob". (Philippe Jobin from “Les Cafés Produits dans Le Monde”)


Yemen _ Coffee grown as hundreds of years ago, without fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides. It can be considered organic and also natural for its drying process. In the cup it has notes of exotic spices, cinnamon, fig. The body is full, rustic but surprisingly soft.


Panama _ Geisha coffee seems to take its name from Mount Gesha in Ethiopia. Soft but intense aroma of flowers and jasmine, clear but delicate acidity, balanced and elegant, citrus and honey tones. Long aftertaste with distinct notes of bergamot.

Available formats

Trinci single origin coffees are available in grains, ground, pods and capsules compatible with the main coffee machines.